2009, Jun 22nd - As a cooperation with a biggest scandinavian rock/metal magazine Close-Up the slovak label Metal Age released a compilation contained brand new songs of bands from all over the world: DISINFECT, PUTREFY, SUPREME PAIN, AVULSED, etc. Rest In Pain performed a song "The Last Dawn" from the 2006 album "Leprosy Of Subconscious". The CD has been printed of 15000 copies and distributing together with issue 111 of the magazine.

2009, Jun 05th - The show in Tula, having been scheduled on June 14th, is cancelled. The band is much sorry about that, however the circumstances are out of the sphere of it's influence. By the organizer's words the show was forbidden by the city authorities.

2008, Oct 24th - Losing musicians. Jack Daniel, after a 4-year staying in Rest In Pain, makes a decision of leaving the band by personal reason. Wish him to succeed in making his further music career.

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